Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

I am just listing some online wallet here which you can use for BTC and altcoin wallet address, but remember that online wallets always comes with risks so always keep your keys and passwords safe with you and never share them with anyone and wallets with 2 factor security will be good.  Almost every coin comes with desktop wallet or  Hardware wallet with cold storage of your coins, you can use them for more safety, just do some google search on the coin and you can find them very easily.  I will list some of online wallets here where you can get online wallet address.

  • HitBtc {BCH and other altcoins} This is an online exchange, you can trade, exchange, and also you can use their deposit addresses for claiming from faucets.
  • Cryptonator This is an online wallet provider and it provides wallets for BTC, BCH, LTC, Doge, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin, Reddcoin, Zcash, Monero, Blackcoin, Emercoin and some other fiat wallets and you can also exchange your coins with BTC or other coins here at the current market price.  It has a fine ref system, on exchange of $1000 worth of coins from you or from your ref, both of you will get $10 in your account.
  •  This provides wallets for BTC, LTC, and Doge.  On signup you have to secure your keys and pin for every transaction as for security reason it needs your pin every time you send any coin to anywhere and this provides more security for your coins.
  • Coinbase This provides wallets for BTC, LTC, and ETH.  Transaction between Coinbase addresses are free of fee, you can send and recieve coins from coinbase wallet address of your friends without any transaction fee, however sending to other wallets includes transaction fee.
  • Payeer This is an online wallet for BTC, USD, RUB, EUR.  You can pay with this for your online shopping and also you can request a Virtual or Plastic Payeer card for your online use and as a debit card and you can exchange your BTC in USD, EUR, RUB with their exchange and can transfer them to your bank too.
  • Unocoin is an Indian BTC wallet and its more beneficial for Indian users as they can sell and buy bitcoins with rupees and transfer that money to their bank to cashout the bitcoins in rupees and also they can use their bitcoins for mobile recharges and online movie ticket bookings too.

Use Code FBE200 and get free bitcoins worth of rupees 200 in your account.

  • FaucetHub You can also use FaucetHub deposit addresses for claiming from faucets related to FaucetHub, but dont use faucethub as a wallet and remember before claiming from faucets you have to link your faucethub deposit address to your account, otherwise you will not recieve any claimed amounts from faucets.
  • Yobit. BTC and altcoin exchange and wallet. You can get many altcoin wallets and address here and also you can do trading and can exchange your altcoins to BTC here. Also you can claim free coins from free coin tab at yobit, there are many free coins to claim for free and test how trading works. Very nice to introduce yourself to trading system.
  • Binance This is also an online exchange. You can use it for trading your altcoins and bitcoins, but this now randomly opens registrations for a few hours in 24 hours, but it has a bigger limit of withdrawing funds in 24 hours. Also it is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange and having a large userbase.
  • Potwallet This wallet can be used for online Potcoin (POT) wallet and address.  You can store and buy potcoins there.