Earning with Staking


: It is an easy to use and easy to earn site. You just need to deposit the minimum amount needed for staking and you will start earning from your first day. There are more than 50 coins which you can stake and earn. The site is also having faucets where you can claim once every 24 hours and they will go directly to your wallet on the site.


1. To add a coin you will need to first create a wallet for that coin in your wallet by clicking on "Plus" sign and then you can use the deposit address to deposit coins.
2. For faucets you needs to go to community in your Dashboard menu and then go to faucets and click on claim and coins will be added to your wallet and if reach the minimum amount for staking you will start earning stake interest.
3. You can also play games and earn by playing those games, but you will have to pay a fee of around 0.5 SCC (stakecube coin) for every round of the game which you can earn by claiming from faucets or by buying from exchange.
4. Site is also having exchange where you can trade your coins if you wants to or you can buy coins too just like any other exchange.
5. If you wants to mine some coins you can also use stakecube to mine those coins and you can also purchase nodes if you are interested in that. You must have some knowledge about mining cryptocoins if you wants to use this function. I suggest you to join this multifunction site to earn some free rewards while saving your cryptocoins and playing games, you need to just choose your favorite coin and start earning.
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This site is same as Stakecube. This is a cryptocurrency exchange with staking feature. it supports staking for many coins and it is also having faucets for different coins. You can claim those coins by just filling a simpel captcha, claiming time is different from 1 minute to 1 day.

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