Instructions and Terms of Service

Welcome to our Rotator

This rotator is created to make claiming more easy and more comforting for our users.  This is a user friendly site and users can do multiple things by themselves to make more use of this site.  We are listing here some tips for our users to use this rotator more efficiantly.



  • There are tabs above in menu like BTC, LTC, DOGE, PPC, etc.  click on those tabs to see the faucets for the same currency.
  • After clicking on those tabs you can see faucets listed for different paying systems and on clicking the desired paying system you can get all the faucet of that paying system on a single page.
  • There is rotator in the last option of every tab and by clicking on rotator will start and you can claim from faucets in the list on the site without opening them in anothe window; however some faucets might not open in rotator as those faucets dont allow there faucets in iframe.  For those faucets, you can open them in a seperate window by clickin the red box in the rotator.
  • The next two tabs are register and login, they are disabled now and will be enabled in future as they will work for some future updates planned for our rotator.
  • Now there is a tab Earn Money and on going to it you can find offerwall of  You can do surveys, mobile offers and some other offers to earn satoshi from them.  Before doing offers you have to join coinbux and they pays on weekly basis so your earned satoshi will be accumulated in your account and will be paid later.



  • Whenever you hover your mouse on the list every coloumn shows some text in the hoverbox showing what function that column works.  You can easily understand how the listing will work by hovering your mouse over them.  By clicking on FHUB, epay, Xapo, FS, Direct you will get faucets of that paying system in a single window just like tabs above.
  • On clicking minutes like 1, 5, 10, etc. you will get all the faucets of the same timeframe in a single window and you can chose which timeframe you like most to claim.
  • Uper two functions will work same for every currency list on our rotator.
  • In the last column it shows timer, which will start once you click on it so you should know when timer resets at 00:00:00 that faucet is ready to claim again.  All the timers will reset themselves once u refresh the site.



  • In this tab you can find different kind of options or websites that are not a faucet, but are a good way to make free online money in bitcoin or other currencies.
  • There is an offerwall Coinbux.  This is an offerwall site, which gives you offers according to your region so most of the time there is an offer for everyone. They dont pay instantly, but they pays on weekly basis directly to your bitcoin wallet. You must check his offerwall as you can earn big amounts if you complets offers or surveys from this.
  • Other than Coinbux we have many other sites listed in this section that can give you some online income without any investment. If you can master them with just your littele effort you can make some nice and handsome amounts from them.
  • In this tab under current price of bitcoin and altcoins you can check which coin's price is going up and which is going down to make yourself aware of the current BTC and other coin prices and you can later trade your collected amounts with another profitable coin.



Users can now make their own rotator so they can claim easily from their favorite faucets and don't have to skip faucets while using our rotator.  They can easily set their prefrences and easily make their own list of faucets to claim.  To do that you have to first signup and then go to your dashboard where you can find the tab Rotator and in dropdown menu of that tab you can  go to Create Your Rotator and after that just select a currency for which you want to make rotator and then number for your rotator in Custom Code and then click Make Rotator and now select your desired faucets either one by one or by using Ctrl + left click on mouse to select multiple faucets .  You can edit or add new faucets whenever you want by clicking Add Faucets tab.  Now just go to Rotator tab and click on your List Rotator to use your own rotator.



You can use our calculator to check value of different coins in different currencies.  This calculator is based on current coin prices and it will show u near approximate value of the coins u enter in it.



Announcement tab is also on the site which will be showsn on the side or bottom of the tab and I recommend you to check it whenever you visit our site as faucets with promotion going on and also any update related to our site or any faucet will be given to you through this tab so you can earn more.



  • We don't claim that every faucet/website will not turn into a scam/ponzi site, we are just a list provider and please do your own due dilligence before making any deposit to any faucet/website.  We will not be accountable for any loss of funds due to any faucet/website being closed or being scammed.
  • Many faucets always keep changing their rewards due to price changes in coin markets so given amounts are just an indicative of rewards, it can be less or bigger than the amount shown in the list.
  • Many faucets uses popup ads and there is always a risk of having some bad popups as some popups ask users to download some software, so we suggest our users not to download or install any software or anything from any popup websites, they might infect your device so stay safe and just close the popups once its opened.



If you still have any queries that is not answered above, you can contact us through the Contact us tab on the bottom of the site and also you can contact us through Bitcointalk and Emoneyspace.  Also you can give your suggestions and remarks about rotator through those links. You can send your mails to us directly at [email protected]

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I hope by going through this little indexing, your claiming from our rotator will be much more easy and fruitfull to all of you.  Happy fauceting to everyone and happy earning.